Senior Program for Summer

The Senior Program at Camp Atlantic is available for campers eighteen and older. The program is designed to maximize the social interaction within the group. Daily activities and the experience of an interdependent living situation create numerous opportunities for campers to enjoy living and socializing with friends.

Campers arrive accustomed to varying levels of independence and will be carefully monitored in any activity until the group leaders are comfortable that the camper may participate in the activity without supervision. Camp Atlantic is committed to providing each camper with as independent a lifestyle as possible consistent with ensuring the camper's safety. The campers live in beach houses with other adult campers and eat all their meals as a group. Two group leaders live in each house and create the structure necessary for the house to operate smoothly through leadership and reinforcement of positive behavior.

The primary focus of the senior program is to provide positive, age appropriate socialization experiences for the campers. The campers participate in a full range of activities including trips to the boardwalk, swims in the ocean and the pool, weekly parties, miniature golf, sailing and kayaking, game nights and meals at restaurants. Upon arrival, campers are asked to select household activities that he or she would like to learn or improve. Each week campers are working on their cooking skills, learning to do laundry or accepting responsibility for maintaining the house. Whether they are involved in one of the camp activities or performing a household chore, group leaders are on hand to support them in resolving the issues that arise in any group situation and which can overwhelm our campers in conventional settings.

One of the most popular activities at Camp Atlantic is game night when all the campers play cards or a board game. The conversation and laughter on game night makes it clear that everyone is engaged and very happy to be there.

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