Our Camp
Camp Atlantic relocated from rural Pennsylvania to a family oriented beach on the Delaware shore more than twenty-five years ago to provide its campers a vacation destination in a typical community. The goal of the camp since its arrival at Bethany Beach has been to provide a safe, fun vacation and to create opportunities for the campers to enhance their social skills through interaction with each other and with the beach community.

The camp achieves its goal by creating a beach experience that is similar to what anyone else has at the beach. Group living in beach houses, responsibility for household chores, typical beach activities such as swims in the ocean and trips to the boardwalk, all contribute to a fun time and countless opportunities to enjoy and learn from a broad range of social experiences.


Our Campers
Many of the campers are returning campers. Their disabilities include learning disabilities, pervasive development disorders, neurological impairments, communication challenges, attention deficit disorders, developmental delays, autism and seizures. Campers are accepted without regard for gender, race, color, religious affiliation or national origin.

Our campers live in beach houses in the Bethany Beach community with a camper/counselor ratio of 3:1. Meals are served family style and each camper has household chores for which he or she is paid. All the campers enjoy the independence gained by having their own money to spend at the beach as they choose.

Our activities include almost daily trips to the beach and pool, dance and lip synch parties, crabbing, cooking, concerts on the boardwalk and weekly trips to a state park or point of interest. Athletically, all campers participate in the evening soccer and kickball games among the houses. The overwhelmingly favorite event is the weekly trip to the water park in Ocean City where everyone can move freely from ride to ride in an enclosed, safe environment. Board games, music, movies and bowling are popular activities for quiet times and rainy days.